Expanding your organization’s I.T. services can be exciting; giving you the opportunity to improve client communications, data management, and streamline your office processes.

It can also be a challenge if you don’t have someone on staff with the background to ask the right questions, convey your requirements effectively to potential suppliers, and weed through the technical jargon in proposals.

Make the Right Choice

I will assist your staff in conducting a detailed needs analysis, writing an RFP that precisely conveys what those needs are, and reviewing proposals so you can select the offer that is the best fit for your organization.

On Your Side

Sales people will generally do their best to present you with a product that will fit your needs, however, ultimately, their job is to sell. They aren’t always completely forthcoming if their product falls a little short, or is too much for your requirements. It can make a big difference to have someone on your side who can recognise weaknesses and over selling, both of which can can be costly in the long run.

My only agenda is making sure you get the right product/service for you.

Let me work for you